So, this blogging thing…

Hello from the other side…

I’m here, working this all out, from my little corner in the world. The blogging, maneuvering between delicate souls, the family, becoming more of whom I’m supposed to be, enjoying the gray hair, the foibles, the fine balancing act between the personal and the not so personal. It’s always personal though, isn’t it? And sometimes it’s just writing for the sake of writing. And other times it’s just to get it done. The heart–the heart is always there. And the love and the becoming comfortable in one’s own skin.  Regardless of how I got here, I’ve arrived. Sometimes in Cinderella’s ballroom rags and other times in all my bare nakedness.

I am not going to hone this blog to one specific area or idea. I’ll post my writing, thoughts, perspectives on politics, how things are going, Zionism, Judaism, poetry, the news, pop culture, books–whatever crosses my mind. My take on things–some day’s I’ll be feeling generous and others not so much. Usually approaching with love–or trying/learning to, can be rather acerbic, sarcastic and vehement–rarely if ever cruel or nasty.  In other words, “mostly harmless”.   ~ Douglas Adams

And somewhere in all this plethora of mess–this amalgamation of absurdity, lies the truth, or some variance of… Is truth relative? My truth… You’re welcome to it, or come with your own; let’s spar.


3/28/16 1:26am


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