Just a Touch of Love

Today, this Sunday. The day we don’t partake in the AtoZ Challenge blog. I’m sharing my happy!  It’s 6:38 PM and it’s still bright outside. The sun was out, the flowers have decided to grace us with their presence and my spoiled Queeny, finally stopped balking at taking her much needed walk. A shiny new pink collar and green lead will do that. This Brug knows spring fashion!

Spring always makes me happy–and I always think of these lines…                                   From Psalm 121:1,2

                      I lift my eyes to the mountains, from where will my help come from?                             My help  comes from Hashem,  Maker of heaven and earth.

And this lovely pic, courtesy of my delightful granddaughter, Zari.

“Look, Nana, inside, it looks like hearts.” ~Zari


Isn’t that where to look–always?


2 thoughts on “Just a Touch of Love

    1. Robin, she is–mostly! That’s not a flower, but a honeydew melon cut in half. I don’t know how many times I’ve cut one and never noticed–kids! And you too, have a lovely, inspiring week!

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