Some Cats

Some Cats

Some Cats go to Katmandu

Some Cats, man, don’t

Some Cats won’t give you the time of day

Some Cats keep asking for some play

Some Cats say try it, you’ll like it

Some Cats say, I did and I don’t

Some Cats run away and don’t come back

Some Cats stay and give you a heart attack

Some Cats say don’t, you’ll hate it

Some Cats say I will and I won’t

Some Cats check your phone

Some Cats just leave you alone

Some Cats get very, very lost

Some Cats just read Faust

Some Cats do anything to get a little bit ahead

Some Cats just wind up dead, dead, dead

Some Cats are tried and true

Some Cats just aren’t you


18 thoughts on “Some Cats

  1. Some cats look at you,like, “man, if I was just a little bigger, I’d totally eat you.” At least, that’s what I think they’re saying to me.

    Most cats are slick and cool.

      1. And they’d scream, Paluch! What’s your deal, dude? And I’d be concerned. 😊

  2. I’m more of a dog person, so I look forward to the D-day post 🙂
    LOVE the photo, however. Simply perfect.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to connecting throughout this challenge.

  3. Cool for cats. Very clever I recognise a lot of my cats in this. Kind of reminds me of the song called Exes and Oh’s by Elle King, that’s on the radio here a lot at the moment… which by the way has nothing to do with cats. 😀

  4. My half tortoiseshell half Siamese really had attitude but wound up dead, dead, dead. She was followed by a Siamese who thought she was a dog and kept asking for some play. Now I’m thinking I’ll get a dog because cats just aren’t me anymore. Thanks for the fun poem.

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