The Dogs of 1313 Oceanwoof Avenue

A Very Brief Intro:


Harry–The rain watcher. He anticipates rain. The gentleman of the group. He is the referee when it comes to ball play. There is no hind leg that doesn’t get fiercely nipped, to keep things in order.

Pasha–The lover. The alpha male. Pureblood, elite. Charming and beloved in spite of himself. Like his Arch-mentor, Sherlock Holmes, he is a brilliant doper.

Queeny–The trainer/subversive. There is no moving element, that isn’t kept under fierce and committed growling surveillance.  She takes the lead and the others happily oblige. A people dog, she is always nearby.


Summer is Coming…


6 thoughts on “The Dogs of 1313 Oceanwoof Avenue

  1. I would love to have a dog. We go away in our caravan for up to six weeks so I don’t think it would be fair on a dog to take it with us or put it in a kennel. Hopefully I will get one if we stop travelling. I don’t want to upset the other two but I love Harry’s face. He reminds me of a dog I once had.

    1. He’s the sweetest love boy and it certainly shows on his face. I would love to travel, but I’d miss them too much. I’ve heard of people traveling with a dog. There are many pet friendly routes to travel throughout the states. And more all the time. I’m not sure about elsewhere.

      1. Many people with caravans travel with their dogs in Australia, but they are banned from all National Parks which means missing out on many beautiful places. Leaving the poor thing in a hot car is not an option.

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