E–gonna give it to ya!

“Cruisin’ down the street in my ’64, jockin’ the bitches, slappin’ the hoes” ~ Easy E

Earth,– feeds us, sustains us, loves us and is everything to us. Why aren’t we kind?

Evitable–It is a word. Why don’t we use it? Why is everything inevitable?

Eternity– Weren’t we promised? or was it damnation, instead? Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes you feel like a motherless child.

Elephants– Are truly one of G-d’s most magnificent creatures. They are honorable, loving and compassionate. If they come upon bones of an elephant from another tribe, they bury them,  and surround them and bow their heads, in some sort of gesture of honor, love and respect. And, perhaps, duty.

E– as in ecstasy–the drug. Never tried it, never will. But, damned if I didn’t sometimes wish I had a mountain of weed. I’d dive inside, and smoke from the inside, out. To numb, to forget. Too numb to forget.

Endings– Happen, even if you don’t answer your phone, to hear the doctor on the other end saying she’s still not eating or drinking, for the third week in a row–they don’t know why.  So, prepare. Prepare to be a motherless child. Inevitable.

Earth–again. I love that to which I subscribe. We need to put in work. To mend, to heal, to bring about our salvation. To walk this earth, eternally, we need to perfect. Tikkun Olam. To bring heaven down to earth. Get started!


4 thoughts on “E–gonna give it to ya!

  1. Awesome, Bathsheva, just marvelous!!!! I love elephants too. 🙂 And the earth. And everything you write. So real, so vivid. Well done. Keep it up.

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