Letting Go*

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” ~ Lao Tzu

“You only lose what you cling to.” ~ Buddha

I would really love to let  go of the expression “letting go”. I hate it! It’s so cliche; it’s repugnant. But, it is what I’m doing. Learning to do. I’ve been habitually holding on, holding in, clinging to what it safe as opposed to what propels. So, forget the term “letting go”.  I’m thinking of alternatives. These come close. Maybe a combination of a couple of them.

Stepping into the new.

Owning the future.

Bright skies ahead.

Traveling light.

So, this is what I have so far. So far I really kind of like “traveling light, stepping into the new”. <<– This pleases me. Have I heard it before? It sounds so dammed good! What about you? Any Ideas?

Somebody today told me I shouldn’t write some of the stuff I write. I’m too open, honest, people will see, and I might offend.  My response to them was this. I’m writing my truth(s). I cannot worry if people see themselves in what I write. I don’t write to expose anyone other than myself. I write so I can breathe, so I can find sanity, find clarity, and exorcise, my angst, my teeny little unheard voice, my demons and “your mother”.  If along the way, I amuse, help or just let on that I might be worth reading now and again, that’s all I could ask.

*Today’s post was entirely inspired by a post and subsequent discussion of fearlessness and being a “shero” belonging to Amy Ferris–a fearless broad, and one terrific womensch, well known in writing circles and author of numerous books including “Marrying George Clooney”.  She can be found on Facebook. I’m a Facebook friend and a ridiculously big fan.

This goes out to anyone who is fearless, or working on it…

2 thoughts on “Letting Go*

  1. If people get offended by what you are writing, perhaps that is more about them than you. The only time I am offended by something someone writes is if it is racist or sexist, and at that point it is more about them than me. I say write what you want, and those who count will not care.

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