Re: The A to Z Challenge

I had to discontinue with the challenge, due to unforeseen circumstances, regarding the health and well being of a family member. It took up a lot of my time, these past ten days. Thank G-d they are back home, comfortable and doing well.

The A to Z Challenge was a wonderful opportunity for me, to meet deadlines and come up with some interesting topics, as well as to meet some very interesting and wonderful writers. Please know that I feel atrocious, at not having been able to be as reciprocal as I’d wanted and intended to be. I’m also taking writing classes at the MFA level/style, which requires peer review as well as thoughtful writing. So a lot of writing and reading. I’m extremely committed to it and love it. And have seen vast improvement in my writing skill, in just the short time, I’ve been involved. So, with extra obligations, my classes, my family etc…something did have to give.

Please stay connected. I will peep in with the few I’ve touched base with. And hope to further my circle, when I have more to offer. In the mean time. I am not going to stop blogging. I’ve paid good money for this pretty site. I am committing to one good post a week–maybe more. Quality over quantity. Some of you are fantastic with both. I am humbled and floored. My hope is to provide something of interest, quality and in some way unique. I don’t feel I can do that on a daily basis. At least not at this point. So, I’ll be writing, you keep writing and I’ll see you shortly in Wordsville. Nihil obstat.*

*Nihil Obstat–nothing hinders.

From Endangered Words: A Collection of Rare Gems for Word Lovers. A just because gift, given to me today by my daughter, Aviva–who gets me where I live. Such a fun read!



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