Some Bullets For Your Ass

Some Bullets For Your Ass

  • A militarized school zone seems rather apocalyptic and shithole-ish.
  • As do dead and injured children and the mass hysteria that ensues.
  • The citizen’s right to bear arms—the primary reason being to defend     against a rogue or potentially rogue government.
  • In reality it’s doubtful, a citizen’s well fed arsenal/stockpile could actually defend against a rogue government.
  • We might consider by insisting upon “gunning up,” we are actually working to limit our freedoms.
  • So, we forego freedom for safety.
  • Defending against a rogue or potentially rogue government then becomes a moot point, in that we become that which we rail against.
  • WE NEED HEALTHCARE, with more than adequate mental health access including long-term in-patient care, not prison/jail, regardless of and beyond the gun control debate.

It is common conjecture among some that I know, that were the Jews in Eastern Europe to have had access to weapons there might have been a different outcome.

It’s a heartbreaking sentiment, regardless of which side of the gun control debate, you find yourself on. It’s possible, but I don’t believe this to be so.

For a number of reasons, one being, there would have had to have been far less complicity from those good citizen neighbors, and secondly, there’s only so much damage you’re going to do, in defense of yourself, against a militarized government/police showdown, more so now than then. You will always be outnumbered and out-weaponed—both then and now.

It would seem to me that there are some very good and well intentioned people who subscribe to the NRA, who believe wholeheartedly in the right to bear arms—to take a stance against an overpowering and possibly tyrannical government.


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